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The Story Challenge

The Story Challenge

This post is part of the 'Re-Imagining Discipleship' Series: Insights and reflections from Seed's 2023 Summit.“Story provides the deepest structural framework in which human life is to be understood. There is no more fundamental way in which human beings interpret their lives than through a story.”1This is not a new idea. When Mike Goheen penned these words in 2012, what seemed to be a revolution in how we read and understand scripture (and indeed the world and ourselves) through the lens of...

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A minute with Ant

Walking alongside another human being in some kind of endeavour is an incredible privilege. It is even a great honour when you are invited to...

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Reflecting with JB

When Seed was launched back in 2015, we wanted to invest in the formation of Jesus followers to help them make a real difference in the world – to...

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In 2018 JB met Greig from the Salvation Army. Greig had been tasked with the job of creating, implementing, and embedding innovation within the Salvation Army, not a small task by any stretch. Listen to how Seed was able to help Greig and the Salvos successfully launch and embed innovation in such a large organisation. 


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