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Redemptive Design is a distinctive approach to design that is embedded in the Christian story and helps individuals and organisations create initiatives, products and services that bring positive change in the world.

The articles and resources in this library are freely available. They have been collated from a variety of thought leaders and practitioners of Redemptive Design and related disciplines.

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Pathway Builders Part Two

Where should those pathways lead? Our hope is that the pathways ultimately make it possible for Christians to be agents for redemptive change in society.
Redemptive change is our term for a particular approach to social change that grows out of our engagement with the Christian story. It is an approach to change that results in our growth and formation as followers of Jesus, while also making a positive impact on society and bearing witness to Jesus.

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Grow: The Things We Make

Grow: The Things We Make

A lot of Christian thinking about work focuses on how we share what we believe in the workplace. That’s really important! But growing the confidence to declare your faith and speak about it isn’t a full expression of following Jesus.

Grow: Context

Grow: Context

Use these questions to help you reflect on how you can transition to a more positive engagement in your context. Consider your own context (a community, workplace or industry).

Grow: Prayer of Examen

Grow: Prayer of Examen

A great way to pray is to look for God’s presence in your life. More than 400 years ago St. Ignatius Loyola encouraged prayer-filled mindfulness by proposing what has been called the Daily Examen.

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