This week, JB sits down with a long time friend, Amber Hawkes to talk about her journey from her early days as a commercial lawyer into working and trying to release people from bondage and slavery in India through to then launching and founding International Justice Mission in Australia and then back into the commercial world to work for the giant Facebook in their cybersafety space in Asia Pacific. It’s a fascinating story we know you’ll enjoy!


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In the first episode of the Redemptive Changemaker’s Podcast, John Becket (JB) chats down with Michelle Farrall and Anthony Sell to discuss the origins of Seed and Redemptive Design with two people who have been on the journey with JB from the start.


In this episode, we chat with Hailey McQueen and Yannick Lawry, Alumni of our Seed Incubator Program and founders of Clock & Spiel Productions, an amazing theatre company committed to distinctive works that are culturally daring and truly human. Listen as we chat about their journey in starting a theatre company, the challenges they have faced along the way and the inspiring stories they are preparing to share (hint: it has to do with a certain word scrawled on the side walk).


Episode 3 of the Redemptive Changemakers Podcast is with Mark McCrindle and Sophie Renton from McCrindle Research. Listen as they discuss how they both found their way into Social Research, the power that can be found in the data and how the understanding of people and culture from a moment in time can be used to create redemptive impact for God’s glory.


Greig Whittaker is the General Manager for Innovation at the Salvation Army. We’ve been working with him for over 2 years now, helping him establish the Innovation program at the Salvos. In this conversation, we learned a lot more about Greig and his faith journey that led him from the heights of business to losing it all and finding his way into innovation.


Tabitha Mathew and Tim Jacob are an inspiring couple from Melbourne who both lead socially-minded organisations from a deep faith in God and the belief that our work can be redemptive and workplaces can be a space where God’s love is alive and active.