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Helping your school, staff and students to participate in God’s work of renewal.
As educators for God’s kingdom, Christian school leaders strive to nurture and develop students ready to make a positive impact in the world. You hope to create a school community which effectively engages staff, students, parents and the wider community, but are challenged with balancing the busyness of school life and prioritising the core mission of your school.

Seed are consultants who care about your mission.

We are invested in the formation of staff and students who are inspired to participate in God’s work of renewal. Utilising our innovative Redemptive Design Framework and Toolkit, we help you align every aspect of school life with your Christian identity and God-given purpose, and help you maximise the impact you bring to the world through your school community.

Our team of consultants, facilitators and coaches draw together capabilities from the fields of innovation, business, design, theology and social change. Seed offers a variety of design labs, workshops, coaching and consulting to deliver outcomes in design and innovation.

How we help Schools

Purpose and Profile

We help you co-create and define a clear and compelling:


  • School Profile, which includes your purpose, vision, identity & values
  • Graduate Profile, aligned with your school profile
  • Story of Change – your plan to achieve your vision and imagined future

Review and Align

Our Strategic Alignment Review assesses all aspects of school life to generate strategies for greater integration of God’s story with:


  • Stakeholder Engagement, conducting surveys, focus groups, interviews
  • Data & Contextual Analysis, examining assets & barriers to achieve your goals
  • Discernment & Action, identifying key opportunities and recommendations

Strategy & Innovation

We help you to strategise and innovate while ensuring your Christian identity remains at the core through:


  • Strategic plan development and discernment of key priorities
  • Monitoring framework that ensures alignment and integration of God’s story across governance, operations and programs
  • Design Sprints & Labs for Education Programs & Initiatives

Further Offerings

Program Design

Changemaker Community Workshops

Service Learning Opportunities

Christian Studies Programs

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Programs

Develop Your People

Professional Development & Learning

Staff Coaching

Teacher Formation Retreats

Engage Your Community

Parent Engagement and Communications

Community Engagement and Communications

Equip your school to become an agent of change and renewal in the world.

Clear Purpose and Story

Gain clarity of your school’s purpose, identify values and behaviours that are deeply aligned with your Christian identity & God’s story, and build a compelling strategy aligned with your purpose.

Aligned Strategy

Align your school’s strategy with your purpose, and discern the priorities that God is calling you to focus on. Embed sustainable processes and models of innovation in your school.

Empowered Changemakers

Support your staff and students to align who they are and what they do with God’s purpose. Develop the capacity of your people to lead, innovate, and create redemptive change effectively.

“I invited Seed to review the embeddedness of Green Point Christian College’s purpose statement, graduate profile and motto to ensure it was resonating with our different stakeholders. The process has been excellent, very professional and the results detailed and very helpful in pointing us toward actions to now take ”

Phillip Nash
Green Point Christian College, NSW

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