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Charities & NGOs

Align your mission with your God-given purpose and maximise your impact in a rapidly changing world.

Does your strategy need refreshing, reimagining or rebuilding? Do you desire to create products and services that are client-centered while holding true to your purpose? Do you need to grow the capacity of your people for creative problem-solving and innovation?

Seed has helped organisations in Australia and around the world design innovative solutions to achieve their mission. Utilising our purpose-built Redemptive Design Framework and Toolkit, we help you maximise the change and renewal your organisation can bring to the world.

Our team of consultants, facilitators and coaches draw together capabilities from the fields of innovation, business, design, theology and social change. Seed offers a variety of design labs, workshops, coaching and consulting to deliver outcomes in design and innovation.

How we help Charities & NGOs

Align Purpose & Strategy

We help you establish or revisit your core purpose and strategy. Clarify your priorities, re-design your systems, products & services to align with purpose and maximise your impact.


  • Purpose/Vision development
  • Systems-thinking approach
  • Client-focused design

Design Products & Services

Seed’s Redemptive Design processes are creative, clear and effective for maximising impact and alignment with minimal investment. We help you make clear and strategic choices.


  • Design labs
  • Design sprints
  • Strategic alignment review
  • Innovation pipeline & processes

Develop Your People & Culture

Be equipped to develop your people, and embed a creative and innovative culture for your organisation. Grow the capacity of your people to lead, innovate, and design redemptive change effectively.


  • Design coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Train the trainer

Equip your organisation to participate effectively in God’s work of change and renewal.

Clear Mission and Strategy

Gain clarity of your organisational purpose, identify values and behaviours that are deeply aligned with your Christian identity & God’s story, and build a compelling strategy aligned with your purpose. 

Aligned Products and Services

Align your products and services with your purpose, discern opportunities that God is calling you to pursue and embed sustainable processes and models of innovation in your organisation.

Empowered Changemakers

Support your staff and leaders and what they do to align with God’s purpose. Develop the capacity of your people to lead, innovate, and design redemptive change effectively.

“Seed have been integral to the strategy and design of our national Innovation Platform Salvos: Ideas. Their Redemptive Design process hits a sweet spot for the Salvos because it takes seriously both the viability of new initiatives and the impact of those initiatives in the communities we serve – while also strengthening our connection with our Christian identity and mission.”

Greigory Whittaker
Executive Manager: Innovation
The Salvation Army

“Seed are a key strategic partner for TEAR as we support organisations in the Asia-Pacific to explore new and innovative ways to reduce poverty in their communities and nations. Seed’s Design Labs and coaching have helped develop the capacity of our partners in the field, while also giving us confidence that we have a solid evidence base when we make decisions about which new initiatives we invest in.”

Phil Wilkerson
International Program Director
TEAR Australia

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