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Introduction to Redemptive Design

Our foundation is your God-given purpose.

At the heart of Seed’s approach becoming a Redemptive Influence is Redemptive Design – an innovative process that connects formation with design.

Redemptive Design draws deeply from disciplines such as Human Centred Design, Social Innovation, Agile methodologies, and Asset Based Community Development, but reframes them into an approach to design that puts your God-given purpose at the foundation of the design process.


Formation — The process of aligning who we are becoming with who God made us to be.

Design — Participation in change that aligns with God’s purposes.

How it works


Discover your place in God’s story


Align who you are and what you do with God’s plan


Grow yourself and your ideas to create change and renewal

How we help Individuals

Changemaker Communities

Group workshops and one-to-one coaching that help you discover your place in God’s story, and reimagine your work for his kingdom.


Personalised mentoring designed to grow your capacity to bring about renewal where God has placed you.

Redemptive Design Labs

Group-based training to take your initiative, ministry or venture to the next level. Grow your ideas from imagination to application in the real world.

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