Grow yourself and your ideas, and reimagine your work for God’s kingdom.

Seed Coaching is a high-value and personalised offering to help you gain clarity and step forward with confidence in your work.

Receive group or 1:1 coaching designed to help you grow your capacity to bring about renewal where God has planted you.

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Leadership Coaching

1:1 or group sessions for individuals to grow in personal and spiritual formation, leadership capabilities, and to become more effective at leading for change and renewal.

Design Coaching

1:1 or group sessions with a specialist focus on helping individuals move an idea, initiative, venture or project through initial development, testing and piloting, and to scaling for redemptive impact.

Coaching is an enduring, powerful process that supports your growth over time.

Develop new skills and deeper insights to create change where you are planted.

Personal Formation

Gain clarity about your distinctive part within God’s story. Based on that clarity, develop a plan to better align who you are and what you do with God’s purposes for you.

Design Capabilities

Build the capabilities and confidence to innovate, design and develop ideas that spark renewal in your context.

Leadership Development

Develop the skills to effectively lead others to work together and create change.

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