Earlier this year I had the privilege of getting to know some of our Seed community by connecting with some of our alumni. I was really after some information and feedback that could help us move forward with our programs and learn from past iterations of our entrepreneurial pathway. But I was not expecting to be so impacted by their stories of God’s faithfulness and their testimonies of where they’ve seen God at work.  In conversation with one participant I was powerfully reminded of the mystery of God’s will and His ways. He mentioned how God is constantly planting seeds and it’s our privilege to nurture those seeds. Having grown up on a farm, he understands first-hand how hard it can be to have patience — while waiting for a shoot to spring up, you can’t see what’s happening underneath and doubt can creep in. He has this incredibly patient approach to his work where he’s longing to see something grow rather than just make something happen. He said to me, “the Father has a garden and He wants to walk with us in it and in that place many of our compulsive behaviours fall away and we flourish more fully but, to invite others into it then we need to enter into it ourselves.”   To me, this is such a compelling portrait of what it looks like to live in a rhythm of participating in God’s redemptive work.   Another participant has seen God’s redemptive work in action. She shared her testimony of God’s faithfulness, a breakthrough of provision in the eleventh hour! When she’d exhausted every avenue, having been faithful to the vision, she saw God move powerfully. She shared with me this gem: “We see more of God’s glory when we’re put to the test and are on the limit, on the edge. It is more glorious when it’s not handed to you on a silver platter.”  Her story resonated so strongly with me. When those shoots finally start to spring forward, when that bright green growth pops out of the soil, it is even more glorious when we know with total assurance that really, we did nothing to bring this about. It was God alone, in His sovereignty and His power, that growth happened.   How privileged we are to be part of his incredible redemptive work in this world, so that we get a front row seat in witnessing God's glory, again and again.