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Fair Use Policy

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Fair dealing for research or study

You can use the material for the purpose of research or study, provided the use is deemed to be fair, that is, 10% or less of the number of pages or material in a single library item).

Fair dealing for criticism or review

You can use the material for the purpose of genuine criticism or review, provided that you acknowledge the author and title of the work.


The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.

Purpose and meaning are playing an increasingly important role in the contemporary workforce. In particular, the younger generations entering the workforce are looking for ‘meaning makers’, people who can help them contextualise their work in the context of a bigger story and life purpose.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. At its core the concept of Design Thinking is Customer-centric. It’s about understanding what your customer wants first before providing them with a solution.

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Start with Why

Some of you might have read Simon Sinek’s best-selling book ‘Start with Why’- or at least seen the Ted talk. The rediscovery of ‘why’ surprises me because I’m one of those people who are always thinking about why.

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