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Borrowing Policy

Users are required to sign up as members of the Library before being granted access to the resource collection. The collection is accessible in the following formats:

Download – Many of the resources in the collection have been offered free for download by the authors as an open source contribution to the advancement of thinking and research in Redemptive Design.

Online – available for reading online while inside the library

Fair use copying – Library resources that are not marked for free download and use are subject to a fair use policy that is a condition of continuing membership of the library.

Fair Use Policy

The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) allows people to use copyright material without the copyright owner’s permission in certain situations, including fair dealing for specific purposes. The purposes for which you may copy material from this online library are:

Fair dealing for research or study

You can use the material for the purpose of research or study, provided the use is deemed to be fair, that is, 10% or less of the number of pages or material in a single library item).

Fair dealing for criticism or review

You can use the material for the purpose of genuine criticism or review, provided that you acknowledge the author and title of the work.

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