Walking alongside another human being in some kind of endeavour is an incredible privilege. It is even a great honour when you are invited to participate in the hope and dreams of a person you respect and who hopes to achieve change for humanity is some small or large way.

Working at Seed provides these opportunities on a weekly basis. At Seed we have four values. One of them, is to be a guide. This includes fostering imagination, enduring fear and worry, embracing hope and rigorously struggling in the pursuit of redemptive change. It has included laughter, tears, long design dialogues, brainstorming, admitting we are lost, celebrating breakthroughs and many other deep relational wonders.

Perhaps for me, what is most exciting is the effort and actions of discernment that is a big part of a guide’s role. Drawing from all our senses, scripture, nature, relationships, social movements in the endeavour of seeking His will. Asking a question at an existential level, “Jesus what are you doing and how can we get in the way of that”. I love it, and it has brought me great joy and relationships with people I will always be ‘with’.