Redemptive Design

Redemptive Design is a distinctive approach to design that is deeply aligned with the Christian story.

“We believe every follower of Jesus is called to be an agent for redemptive change in the world.”
– John Beckett, CEO Seed

Originally developed by Seed, the collective vision for the Redemptive Design framework and toolkit is that it will be used by God’s people around the world to help them imagine new possibilities for their own context.

By imagining these possibilities, we can then create solutions and strategies that disrupt brokenness and injustice wherever they have been planted, giving people a taste and experience of life as God intends it to be.

The Foundations of Redemptive Design

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The Framework

Understand the Redemptive Design framework, designed to start with God’s story and His purpose.

The Toolkit

Explore our tools for understanding your purpose, and enhancing your ideas for God’s kingdom.

Resource Hub and Library

Access further resources to grow as a Redemptive Changemaker and learn how to apply Redemptive Design to your context.

The Framework

Redemptive Design draws on a variety of models – Design thinking, Human Centred Design, Business Modelling, Systems Thinking, Collective Impact, Asset Based Community Development and others – but reframes them by building an approach to design that starts from the foundation of the Christian story, then draws deeply on the rich resources of that story throughout the design process.

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Download the ‘Introduction to Redemptive Design’ and explore the foundations of purpose discovery and Redemptive Design.

The Toolkit

The Redemptive Design Framework has an extensive toolkit that supports the process by providing a mechanism to capture your thinking and testing. The tools both enhance your creativity and imagination while also refining and bringing clarity. Some of the primary tools are introduced below.

Together they will help you deeply understand your current context, then imagine and create an alternate future that is more aligned with God’s design and intention for your context.


Discover your place in God’s story


Align who you are and what you do with God’s plan


Grow yourself and your ideas to create change and renewal

Purpose Storyboard

The first pillar of Redemptive Design is clarity of purpose – understanding who I/we are made to be. We discover this through understanding our foundational story.

Theory of Change 

The second pillar of Redemptive Design is context – understanding the change God is calling us to create. This tool helps you dive deep into your context and discern the distinctive part you are called to play.

Organisation Model Canvas

Any significant change requires a structure to carry it forward – a business, organisation or community. This tool helps you develop your model and see whether it sustains and scales the change you want to see.

Strategy Canvas

Ideas don’t change the world. Ideas that turn into something tangible do. This tool enables you to take the design process and translate it into clear next steps that will help bring it to reality.

Interested in learning more?

Resource Hub

Find tools, articles and stories to help you discover your place in God’s story and grow your impact for change and renewal.

Redemptive Design Library

Read the latest thought leadership, research and case studies on Redemptive Design. Gain greater insight into the frameworks and tools and how to apply them.

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