July 16, 2024
Emerging Trends in Discipleship – Report
By John Beckett

We’ve combined the insights gleaned from our 2023 Summit on Discipleship, along with further research, to produce this 2024 Emerging Trends in Discipleship Report.

Apart from highlighting trends in the discipleship landscape, the report also seeks to answer a key question ‘How do we reimagine approaches to discipleship, so that we grow disciples who more effectively engage the world around them?’

Six trends are identified in the report, along with four implications for our practise.

The trends highlight the particular importance of participation in the process of discipleship.

Followers of Jesus are tired of being passive recipients of Christian teaching. They want discipleship that relates directly to their everyday lives, and they’re looking to churches to help them discover and step into their distinctive part in God’s mission.

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John Beckett

John’s passion is helping individuals and organisations to develop and articulate a clear sense of identity and purpose, and to find the places where their own stories fit with God’s story and God’s purposes. Too often people feel like living a life aligned with God’s purposes is too difficult to grasp, so John developed Seed as a vehicle to help give people the agency, support, resources, networks and confidence to create a new chapter to their stories. His hope and prayer is that Seed will help many to step into their God-given purpose, for the sake of the world and the glory of God.

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