Incubator Stories: Susy Lee & The Justice Games

Susy Lee, creator of the Justice Games, shares her experience of the Seed Incubator Program (now known as Momentum Labs) and how it challenged and equipped her to bring her idea to life. Find out more: www.seed.org.au/momentum-labs

Case Study: Innovation at The Salvation Army 

In 2018 JB met Greig from the Salvation Army. Greig had been tasked with the job of creating, implementing, and embedding innovation within the Salvation Army, not a small task by any stretch. Listen to how Seed was able to help Greig and the Salvos successfully launch and embed innovation in such a large organisation. To find out how Seed can help your organisation, go to: https://www.seed.org.au/consulting/

Case Study: Transform Aid

When Covid hit in 2020, Transform Aid International needed a new approach to their work and they needed it fast. Working with the Seed Redemptive Design process, they were able to re-imagine their Strategy and successfully shift their direction in order to continue to provide the programs and support in a Covid safe way.

Incubator Stories: Matt Elkan Architect

Matt spent 10 years pondering an idea about making environmentally and beautifully designed homes available to more people when he discovered the Seed Entrepreneur Incubator program. Matt realised that this program could be what he needed to make this idea a reality. Watch how the Entrepreneur Incubator program helped Matt design change which has the potential to disrupt the Architectural Industry.

Marketplace Stories: Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson shares his experience of the Seed Marketplace Leaders Program.

Find out more: https://www.seed.org.au/marketplace


Mike has been a regular at our Coaching Nights for quite some time. Listen to his story as he shares how seed helped shape his business idea.

Incubator Stories: The Eve Project

Lisa and Helen saw a need for a space to assist women who have suffered abuse of any form to heal, find meaningful employment and begin the journey of full recovery. Listen to their inspiring story and the role that Seed’s Incubator played in forming their initiative.

Incubator Stories: Thread Harvest

Davyn De Bruyn, Managing Director of Thread Harvest, shares with us how the Seed Incubator Program changed the direction of his business by asking one simple question. Help other Entrepreneurs to create change by donating to our Seed Incubator Fundraiser 2017 Appeal, visit seed.org.au to donate!


Incubator Stories: OnePlate

Hear how OnePlate Founder Therese is making a difference, one plate at a time. Visit: https://www.oneplate.co/

Incubator Stories: Pandanus

Jo Wallis grew up around Indigenous communities. Her passion for these people and showing them the love of Jesus has resulted in starting Pandanus, an organisation that uses contemporary Indigneous design on pottery, selling these pieve to the corporate market. Watch her inspiring story.