The church is increasingly being pushed to the margins of our culture. In this context, churches need to develop the skills and capacity to engage with their community, to demonstrate the life-changing implications of the good news in their own context.

Our courses help you design an effective community engagement strategy that enables your church to build relationships with your community, while also being salt and light and bearing witness to Jesus. 

Design for Community Engagement (Workshop)

 This workshop is for churches who are:

  1. Wanting to develop a community engagement strategy or ministry that serves their local community
  2. Looking for resources to help them better engage with marginalised groups such as refugees
  3. Wanting to learn how to engage with their local community and work alongside their community to see flourishing

The workshop will introduce you to some core principles of Asset Based Community Development from a Christian perspective, and some foundational tools to help you better understand your community.

For more information, or to discuss the possibility of running this workshop in your area/denomination contact 

Churches Incubator:

Seed will launch an incubator for churches in 2017. The incubator is an intensive facilitated process that will help you to design and implement an effective community engagement strategy.

You will learn to integrate the principles of Asset Based Community Development with a solid biblical understanding of the role of the church in society. We focus on the strengths of a community, learning to imagine and design what a community more aligned with God’s intention for creation might look like - then developing the skills to partner with our communities to see that vision come to life.

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