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Formation and development program for emerging leaders seeking to bring redemptive change in their industry or context.

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The support you need to bring change where you are

What you do matters! Your workplace and industry matter to God. The marketplace is where God has called you to serve and make a difference.

It can be challenging when things in your context don’t align with God’s story. But God doesn’t just want you to survive, God is calling you to bring redemptive change right where you are.

Through this program you will:

  • Grow deep in the way of Jesus.
  • Imagine new possibilities for your context.
  • Get support and investment from mentors to bring those possibilities to life.
  • Join a community of like-minded changemakers.

Invest in the Professional Development of your team

The Marketplace Leaders Program is a great option for Faith-based Organisations that are looking to invest in the Professional Development of their emerging leaders. The program provides:

Skills Development

Spiritual Formation

Cross-sector exposure to ideas

Grow their Innovative thinking

Networking & Connection

This investment into your emerging leaders will help drive a forward-thinking, innovative culture in your teams. 


Personal Formation & Leadership Development

We’ll help you grow deep in the way of Jesus, while navigating the particular challenges and opportunities you face as you live it out in your context.

Redemptive Design process for your context

Join with mentors and peers to imagine new possibilities for flourishing for your industry or workplace and design a way to bring them to life.

Coaching & Mentoring

Get support and investment from an amazing group of mentors and coaches – Marketplace Leaders who have walked the road before you. Check out our Mentors via the button below.

Peer Network

Connect with others who are seeking to faithfully follow Jesus in the Marketplace. Wrestle together, pray together, imagine together.

Next Cohort begins early 2023.

EOI Marketplace

Our Mentors

Stories from Marketplace Leaders

When Georgia discovered that faith and work were not two separate parts of her…

Georgia Lovell – Manager, Government, Public Policy and Sustainability At Suncorp Group – shares her experience of the Seed Marketplace Leaders Program and how it changed her perception of faith and work.

Matt Johnson shares his experience of the Marketplace Leaders Program.

Matt Johnson, Finance Manager, shares his experience of the Seed Marketplace Leaders Program and how it impacted his understanding of his role at work.



The program runs for 1 year (Feb – Nov) and is structured around 2 face-to-face intensives, online master-classes, plus monthly group coaching and peer-learning. These core elements are supplemented by other opportunities to engage in one-to-one coaching/mentoring with seasoned leaders.

The second intensive incorporates the annual Seed Summit (see details below). The Summit is an opportunity for you to engage a broader group of changemakers and receive input and support into your ideas and development.

Feb 14, 2022

Program begins
Mar 10-12, 2022 INTENSIVE 1, NSW
Sep 14-16, 2022 INTENSIVE 2/Seed Summit


The focus for the curriculum is to create an environment where you are able to grow alongside both peers and mentors. It is an intentional and relational approach to formation.

There is great content, but the focus is on applying faith to life, helping you navigate the personal and professional challenges you face in your workplace context each day. We’ll help you live out the way of Jesus and consider how you might be part of bringing redemptive change where you are.

The core aspects of the curriculum are:

  • Personal/Spiritual Formation
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading Redemptive Change

Thanks to the generous support of partners who are committed to investing in a new generation of marketplace leaders, the costs of the program have been heavily subsidised.

Full fee for the year-long program is $2450

Fees include:

  • All accommodation and meals for the intensives;
  • All accommodation, meals and activities for the Seed Summits;
  • All training resources and materials;
  • All coaching sessions, mentor meetings and masterclasses.

Any other costs, including flights and/or travel to the intensives, are the participant’s responsibility.


Payment of fees is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Full payment can be made upfront or based on the following payment schedule.

1st Payment


Required on acceptance of your offer.

2nd Payment 


Before 30 June, 2022.

Please contact us directly if you have questions or specific requests re payment terms.


There are limited spaces in each cohort. Places will be offered to applicants who fulfil the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated desire to grow in both your Christian faith and your capacity as a changemaker
  • A commitment to seeking positive change in your context.
  • Demonstrated maturity in your Christian faith.
  • Demonstrated leadership capacity.
  • Willingness to learn and be challenged by both coaches, mentors and peers.

All applicants may be subject to reference checks.

Applications for our 2022 cohort are currently open. Once places are filled, subsequent applicants will be placed on a waitlist.

If you know others who would benefit from this program please nominate them here. All nominees will be contacted with more information about the program.

This course is developed and run in partnership with Reventure.

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