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The Good News Challenge

The Good News Challenge

This post is part of the 'Re-Imagining Discipleship' Series: Insights and reflections from Seed's 2023 Summit.“I know I am who I am because somebody loved me. Somebody cared for me. Somebody attended to me…. I cannot conceive of whatever witness I have been able to bear of the cracked vessel I am without acknowledging I was born into love”Words I am consistently struck by of Dr Cornel West when he introduces himself in a public event. It cuts to the very heart of what it is to be human, in...

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Pathway Builders Part Two

Where should those pathways lead? Our hope is that the pathways ultimately make it possible for Christians to be agents for redemptive change in society.
Redemptive change is our term for a particular approach to social change that grows out of our engagement with the Christian story. It is an approach to change that results in our growth and formation as followers of Jesus, while also making a positive impact on society and bearing witness to Jesus.

Pathway Builders Part One

Over the last 6 months, a deeper clarity has emerged around the purpose of Seed. After a couple of years working through the detail of ‘how’ we do what we set out to do, we’ve had the pleasure of returning to reconsider in fresh ways ‘why’ Seed exists.
That ‘why’ – Seed’s purpose – is to create pathways for effective and faithful engagement by Christians in society. We might not talk about that in our public messages all the time, but that lies at the core of Seed’s existence.

Doing Business God’s Way by Dennis Peacocke

This book was the result of years of study, conversations, and seminars which I taught on the general content in the 1980s. What  has always seemed clear to me is that “spiritual truth” that does not result in measurable change in the here-and-now is either not yet clearly understood or irrelevant. For sure, economics and business are about here-and-now reality, and the issue therefore is to connect these endeavors and ground them to their spiritual foundations in the God who created them.

Identity, Story & Purpose

When God calls people into relationship with him, he offers them new life. Intrinsic to this new life is the offer and assurance of salvation, yet the transformation to new life is much more than salvation, much more than a mere transaction. What happens, primarily, is that God designates us with a new identity. God changes who we are.

Beyond Belief

Some of you would be old enough to remember the Blackstump Christian music and arts festival that used to light up the Sydney Christian scene. The time when it was most influential was right in my formative teenage years.