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Susy felt she wasn’t fully embodying her faith…

Susy joined our Incubator program back in 2019 and found a group of like-minded people and a process that not only helped her bring her idea to life but formed her spiritually as well.

It’s for people like Susy that Seed exists.



We have a crisis of confidence across faith communities, largely because many current approaches to discipleship are failing to equip people to embody their faith in their daily context. We need alternative pathways for formation to help Jesus-followers navigate their context and restore a humble confidence in the gospel, as they see and participate in tangible expressions of God’s story. They need an approach which enables them to discover, design and participate in redemptive change, right where God has placed them.


Seed’s answer to this problem is Redemptive Design. This fresh approach to formation is purpose-built for these times and is focused on praxis. For us, this means that it is: 

Contextual – we help people look at their world with fresh eyes, and work out how to follow Jesus amidst all the challenges they’re facing in their current context. 

Embodied – instead of helping people simply learn more, we help them translate their beliefs into tangible expressions of the Christian story so the people they serve can touch, taste, see and feel what life with Jesus is like. 

Solution-Focused – we help Jesus-followers move beyond naming problems to create alternative solutions which grow out of the Christian story, and which align with God’s design and desire for creation. 

Integrated – we hold contextualised redemptive impact together with witness to Jesus, refusing to separate things that belong together. 

You can learn more about Redemptive Design here.


We have been developing and refining our core Redemptive Design tools, courses and consulting offerings over the past 6 years, and have seen how powerful it can be in generating innovation that’s aligned with God’s heart. As we journey with people and organisations, changemakers are making an impact through small businesses, in schools, domestic social service organisations and international aid and development agencies. You can hear some of their stories here.


Our dream is to see Redemptive Design made accessible to Christians far and wide, inviting them into this movement of changemakers. And we want to develop robust evidence of Redemptive Design’s effectiveness, so that stories of redemptive change can be amplified to bear witness to Jesus. 

There is much work to be done to make this dream a reality. Right now, we are working on developing fit-for-purpose measuring and evaluation tools, and we are adapting Redemptive Design for new contexts and pathways. We are walking with people in the Netherlands, Philippines, Nepal and Australia as they use Redemptive Design, and we’re exploring emerging opportunities across the Asia Pacific, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. 

We want to see Christians equipped to make Jesus come alive in their industry and community – will you sow into the work of Seed, and help us grow redemptive changemakers? 

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