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Discover your purpose, enhance your leadership and expand your capacity for impact in the world.

Most of us long to make a difference in the world but can feel frustration when that is not the reality we experience. As God’s people, we want to see our work have a genuine and eternal impact, to feel a sense of momentum in our career, ministry, venture or sphere of influence, and to be connected to a vision, community and meaningful purpose.

We believe that leaders who connect their faith to their vocational context are better equipped to create change where God has placed them. Seed’s Changemaker Community+ is intentionally designed to help emerging leaders focus their God-given passions, gifts, and creativity for change and renewal in their workplace, community and beyond.

Start your journey with Changemaker Community+

Personal Formation & Leadership Development

Grow deeper in the way of Jesus, navigate the particular challenges and opportunities you face as you live it out in your context.

Redemptive Design Process

Go through the Redemptive Design process with mentors and peers, imagine new possibilities for renewal in your context and design a way to bring them to life.

Coaching & Mentoring

Get support and investment from experienced mentors and coaches – Leaders who have walked the road before you.

Peer Network

Connect with others who are seeking to faithfully follow Jesus beyond the walls of the church. Wrestle together, pray together and imagine together.

Changemaker Community+ Program Structure

Monthly Peer Group Workshops
2 x full day intensives,
4 x 2 hours via zoom

A facilitated, collective learning journey with a cohort of Christian leaders. Together you work through Redemptive Design, a framework that fosters innovation, personal formation and change participation.

1:1 Coaching
4 x 1 hour

Delve deeply into your current reality with an experienced coach, and discern possibilities and opportunities. Your coach will also help you to connect with the wider Seed community.

2 x 1 hour

Receive wisdom, guidance and encouragement from a mentor in a relevant sector.

Seed Summit
2 full days – Sydney

Summit is the key opportunity to meet face to face with your cohort. Connect with Seed’s larger community of changemakers, mentors, coaches and entrepreneurs.

Changemaker Community+ is for emerging leaders who are seeking to accelerate their growth and expand their impact.

Applicants have:

Demonstrated maturity in their Christian faith.

A desire to grow deeper in their faith and capacity as a changemaker.

A commitment to seeking change and renewal in their context.

Demonstrated leadership capacity.

A willingness to learn and be challenged by coaches, mentors and peers.

Thank you for your interest in applying for Seed’s Changemaker Community+.

We are currently preparing for our next round of CC+. Keep an eye out on this page for new dates, or contact us if you have any questions.

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