The Reventure Board has initiated the Lawrie Styles, Reventure Faith and Work Fellowship with the principal objective of perpetuating and honouring Lawrie Style’s legacy. This Fellowship recognises his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit and drive in establishing in Australia the Mission that the ‘by word, action and/or presence’ that the world of work is part of God’s realm and that, in His sight and ours people matter in a work community and that the church within the workplace involves all believers1. His vision was that the Christian presence is not merely reactive but is able to provide positive and effective leadership in shaping the future. 

We recognise that the Australian workplace is vibrant, demanding, and at times all-consuming and that as believers it can be challenging. We also understand the importance to connect the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. We want to primarily build capacity, empower and encourage individuals to initiate change, develop entrepreneurial ideas that focus on building a strong and ongoing faith and work movement in Australia, that connects with believers in their whole of life, local pastors and the Sunday and Monday connection. 

The Mission of Reventure is ‘to be the catalyst, collaborator and encourager for new thinking, practices and renewal that transforms the way people, organisations and churches view the purpose, value and meaning of work’. This is what frames this Fellowship. 

Our objective, long term, is to grow leaders, creators, designers, entrepreneurs, and others who have an idea that they want to pursue based on integrating faith and work into their realms of influence. We expect their vision, observations and experience will have an Australia wide impact. 


The aim of this Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for the successful Fellow to travel, conduct research, enquiry and gather entrepreneurial thought leadership ideas to further champion, innovate and contribute significantly to the emerging faith and work movement in Australia and on their return, can demonstrate that they can influence, change and/or impact an emerging faith and work movement as an outcome of this experience. 

It also aims to reward proven achievement of talented and deserving Australians with a further opportunity to pursue their vision. 


The subject of the proposed project is limitless provided there is a demonstrated benefit that can be identified to grow and /or contribute to a broader Australian faith and work movement. There needs to also be a willingness to share their discoveries, experiences and findings with a broader Australian Christian community. 

Projects that will be successful will address innovative ideas and approaches that build an engaging and sustainable Australian faith and work movement through the local church, marketplace and beyond. We want to support emerging champions of faith 

Application Guidelines 

1. Individual. The Fellowship will only be awarded to an individual. No prescribed qualifications are required to apply for this Fellowship. 

2. Support from employer, institution, other. At the outset, the applicant must have written support of their employer, church, college or relevant institution or organisation. 

3. Tertiary Qualifications. The Fellowship will not be awarded to enable the applicant to obtain/complete tertiary qualifications eg. PhD.M.Div. 

4. Project. The Fellowship will be awarded for the purpose of pursuing an overseas investigative project of a kind that is not readily available in Australia. It must be taken within a year and cannot be broken up. We would expect this Fellowship to be taken up in 2021. 

5. Interviews. Short-listed applicants will be required to attend an interview in person. 

6. Application. The Fellowship is awarded for individual projects only. 

7. Amount of Award. The value of the Fellowship will in the end be determined by the Reventure Board and will be calculated based on the number of countries to be visited, the duration of the approved Fellowship and an estimated airfare. The Project outline and benefits accrued for the benefits of the emerging Faith and Work movement will also be considered. A reference point would be that a Fellowship will be considered up to $25,000 

8. Support from Other Sources. Depending on the project, the Reventure Board may take account of any other existing sources of support for a project. 

9. Duration of the Fellowship. The duration of a Fellowship is determined by the project and the length of time required to achieve the outcomes. A Fellowship is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of approximately 8 weeks. If additional time is required, applicants will be expected to meet those costs at the grantee’s own expense. This additional time will need to be approved by the Reventure Board. 

10. Fellowship. While we aim to award this Fellowship annually, the Reventure Board reserves the right to not award a fellowship. 

11. Referees. Each application will require 3 referees that can attest to the applicant’s project. 

12. Expectations. The successful Fellow will be expected to sign a commitment to write a report on the outcomes and benefits of the fellowship and make themselves available to meet with others interested in faith and work in Australia. We would also expect the Fellow to be available to speak to their experience. We would also expect that the successful Fellow will be able to demonstrate that they have a wide network who will be able to support and benefit from the experience. 

Project outline 

1. Executive summary 

2. Project outline in detail: 

  • • Rationale and focus (e.g., work, church, para-church, personal); 

Why do you want to do this and what difference will it make? 

  • • Proposed outline of project plan, visits and appointments, other; 

What do you want to do and achieve? 

  • • Itinerary; (proposed) 

Where and when do you want to go and why these places and /or appointments? 

  • • Budget; 

How much will it cost with a detailed outline? 

3. Expected outcomes, demonstrating how this experience will build the broader 

Faith and Work movement in Australia. 

What results do you expect to achieve from this grant-immediately and in the future? 

4. Outline on the outcomes you expect to achieve and how this will be 

communicated and to what audiences. 

What is your plan to communicate the value of your experience to a wider Australian audience? 

Process and timing 

1. Advertise through a denominational, para church publications and our collective networks September/October -via media release 

2. Applications received late March 2021 

3. Shortlist of applications early April 2021 

4. Interviews conducted late April / May 2021 

5. Decision made at our Board meeting 

6. Announcement of successful Fellow May 2021 

7. Name of grantee advertised through religious press. May/June 2021 

Further information and applications to 

Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM