Over the last 18 months it has been our privilege at Seed to put Redemptive Design to work alongside partners in communities across various parts of Asia.

The work has been varied. In India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, we’ve been working with TEAR Australia’s partners. They serve some of the poorest communities in those countries. The focus has been to explore enterprise approaches to community development. We’ve utilised Redemptive Design to support pilots for home-based aged care, mental health intervention, hospitality, earth-brick manufacturing for social housing and community goat farming.

My team have enjoyed a good laugh at my expense as they’ve listened to my regular Zoom calls exploring the finer details of gestational periods for various species of goats.

In Malaysia a large Christian community development organisation have been working with us to embed the capabilities for effective design in their teams in the field. We’ve explored everything from early childhood education to community-based recovery programs for ex-offenders. The Redemptive Design process is helping them sharpen their distinctive contribution and align their impact with their core purpose and identity.