April 19, 2021
Grow: The Things We Make
By Seed Team

A lot of Christian thinking about work focuses on how we share what we believe in the workplace. That’s really important! But growing the confidence to declare your faith and speak about it isn’t a full expression of following Jesus.

Our life following Jesus should result in all of our lives being aligned with God’s intention for us, and not only our own lives…..

As followers of Jesus we also want to bring change that aligns with God’s intentions in the workplaces, communities and cultures where God has placed us. That means that the things we make should also give people a taste and see experience of what Jesus is like.


Consider a current or past work role:

What was the main product or service that you made/sold as part of that work?

For example, a builder makes houses, a teacher makes a class or curriculum, a film producer makes a movie

If you were to re-design that product/service what would you change? List the things that you would do differently.

Please feel free to share your reflections on these questions with us. We would love to hear from you.


Seed Team

Our desire was to create a community/organisation that helps people work out how to bring redemptive change by developing ideas and initiatives that more fully embodied the good news of Jesus beyond the walls of the church.

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