April 19, 2021
Grow: Imagination
By Seed Team

Our imagination is a powerful tool that God has empowered us to use for the purpose of change. We have included some tips & tools on Imagination from our Purpose Discovery Course. We encourage you to take the time to work through this content and engage with your imagination around the future you want to see.

Spend some time outlining what you see in the future for both yourself and those people/places God is leading you to serve. Consider your life as you would like it to be 5-10 years from now. Some suggestions on how to do this are:

Draw a picture that captures the main elements of that imagined future. It can be a collection of signs or symbols , or an image.

Complete a news article that highlights something significant you have achieved in five years from now.

Write a poem capturing a future point in time.

Give a first-person narrative of how your product/service/strategy solves a problem for someone, from the perspective of the person helped.

Write a letter to yourself from your imagined preferred future (e.g. five years away).

What is different?  What advice will you give yourself? What new skills will you have?


Seed Team

Our desire was to create a community/organisation that helps people work out how to bring redemptive change by developing ideas and initiatives that more fully embodied the good news of Jesus beyond the walls of the church.

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