Grow: Context - Seed
June 15, 2021
Grow: Context
By Seed Team

Set aside 15 minutes away from distractions.

Use these questions to help you reflect on how you can transition to a more positive engagement in your context.

Consider your own context (a community, workplace or industry).

Read the well-know letter from Jeremiah to the exiles recorded in Jeremiah 29: 4-11

Consider the various stakeholders in your context. Are there some who you regard as enemies? Where have you become engaged in a battle to ‘win’? Is this a right perspective?

How might your behaviour and actions change if you changed your perspective on these people? What might it look like for you to ‘seek their prosperity’?

If possible, arrange a conversation with one of these stakeholders and ask them what their desires for the future are. How might you be able to contribute to these desires while also remaining faithful to the way of Jesus?


Seed Team

Our desire was to create a community/organisation that helps people work out how to bring redemptive change by developing ideas and initiatives that more fully embodied the good news of Jesus beyond the walls of the church.

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