Amber Hawkes’ Top Ten Tips for Social Entrepreneurs

  1. Your heart position is important. Be passionate, petition God, then be prepared to surrender to God’s timing.
  2. Do everything you can as professionally as you can
  3. Have a clear strategy.
  4. Keep complexity at bay.
  5. Do people and relationships well. Value people and look for the genuine intersection between who you are and who they are so that you can collaborate.
  6. Be transparent and honest about where you are at. Don’t be too proud to ask questions and seek advice.
  7. There is no such thing as failure, only an opportunity for improvement (but yes, it sucks!).
  8. There will always be too much to do, so pray for discernment and prompting. If you burn out you are no use to anyone. Trust God for what you can’t do.
  9. Move out of your comfort zone, this will keep you on your knees and relying on God.
  10. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy, every conversation can be used by him. Be patient for God’s timing.


Spiritual formation: you need deep roots to bear lots of fruit. If you have deep roots you won’t be blown about by other people’s opinions. Stay true to the only one whose opinion matters: God.



Amber Hawkes is Founding Chief Executive of the Australian arm of the International Justice Mission, a global organisation that protects the poor from violence in the developing world with more than 750 lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals.

She was speaking at Seed’s February Coaching Nights. Our Coaching Nights are opportunities to gather with other members of the Seed community to work on your idea or project, or other people’s ideas and projects. Each Coaching Night has expert input and teaching in the core skills for creating positive change.