We founded Seed in response to three problems. In this blog series we’re outlining the problems and a taste of how Seed plans to respond to them.

Problem 2:

The world is not as God intends it to be. We see and experience brokenness, injustice, oppression. Christians should be at the forefront of finding creative, innovative solutions, yet many lack the capital, networks or skills to respond.

The response:

In my previous post I outlined an idea at the core of Seed – We help people understand and grasp their identity in Christ, then live lives that are congruent with that identity.

When we learn to live in alignment with who God made us to be, we experience what God refers to as a blessed life. We find our sweet spot.

When people begin to live this way, it lays a foundation for them to make a difference in the world. If people properly understand what it means to live as new creations, that will necessarily lead to them being agents of change in the world.

If we’re seeking alignment with God’s purposes, then we will notice things in the world that are contrary to God’s intention for creation. When we notice them, we can begin to imagine (based on our knowledge of God) how we can be part of God’s solution.

Seed is seeking to be a community of people who are part of God’s solution. We are seeking to be a community of people who meet injustice with justice, brokenness with healing, darkness with light. We want to challenge assumptions about the way life should be.

We’ll be FOR the poor, marginalised and oppressed because that’s what Jesus was like. We won’t be engaging with culture to protect our own interests, but rather to seek the good of society. We won’t be seeking power, but we recognise its inevitable presence, so when we engage with power we’ll be seeking to use its influence for the good of others.

We’re aware that many believers feel powerless to respond to the major issues of our day – they feel they lack the resources, networks or know-how to bring their ideas to life. We’ll be seeking to gather resources, people and expertise around our community so that together we can embody the good news of Jesus – for the sake of the world.