Tim is a director with a social business that had already been operating for two years when the opportunity came to participate in the Seed entrepreneurial incubator.

“I was genuinely impressed with John Beckett. He gave the best overview of seeing business from a kingdom perspective that I have ever heard.”

Tim is doing sensitive work with a social enterprise in south-east Asia. It involves straddling the worlds of women rescued from sex trafficking and major corporate organisations.

“For us, one of the biggest benefits of being part of the Seed program was the networking opportunity. We were able to tell our story to senior business leaders and coaches.

“It has enabled us to draw together a successful community of advisers and investors, and their networks.”

Tim talked about the loneliness of being an entrepreneur, and the importance of gathering support around you to test and challenge your ideas.

“Seed helped us to get our business ideas documented, and to ensure we had a holistic kingdom perspective,” Tim explains. “We were taught how to articulate and pitch our ideas in a compelling way.”