We are excited to offer our new Online Purpose Discovery Course. This course provides a foundation for people learning to live a life aligned with God's purposes, enabling them to become agents for change in the workplaces, communities and cultures where God has placed them. 

Purpose & Mission

Seed is a designer and incubator of change. (we are formers and connectors)

We’re leaders in Social Innovation, grounded in Christian formation (public audiences: Social Innovation for the faith-based sector)

We help Christian individuals and organisations create products, services, businesses and strategies that align with the Christian story and lead to positive change in their context.

Vision – the possibility we see

A movement of Christians at the forefront of positive change in society – for the sake of the world and the glory of God.

Our Context – who/where we work:

  • People: Christians - individuals and organisations
  • Place: Is secondary for us. Initially our focus is Australia - focus on Sydney and Melbourne. Exploring Brisbane and possibly Asia.
  • Culture: We want to shift the culture of Christian public engagement

We’re looking for followers of Jesus who want to change the world – cultural creatives who believe that when we align our lives with God’s purposes, real change in our workplace, community of culture is possible.

What is the change we want to see?


  • from frustrated to purposeful
  • from isolated to supported
  • from confused to clarity
  • from disconnected faith to aligned
  • from ineffective to effective


  • from fear to humble confidence
  • from reactive to constructive/creative
  • from compartmentalised (evangelism, mission, justice) to integrated/embodied way of life
  • from limited cultural sectors (NFP, health, medicine, teaching) to whole of society


Our Framework/Model




We help Christians engage faithfully and effectively with the world, by aligning their whole lives (their thoughts, their actions and the change they create in their context) with God’s purposes for the world.

When we align our thoughts and our actions with God’s purposes, we necessarily become agents for change. Our lives and our Christian communities should present an alternative possibility in the midst of the brokenness of our world.

If there is no drive toward change, then we have not properly understood God’s purposes.

Outcomes - What does success look like?

An ever-growing number of individuals and organisations achieving

  1. Alignment (clarity, meaning, contentment)
  2. Impact (i.e. both quality - level of alignment – and quantity - scale of change)

We are convinced that when this happens, we will see:

  • Individual/organisation flourishing
  • Society/the context flourishing
  • God glorified

How we do it:

We offer thought leadership, training, incubation and services across three key points in our framework for change:


Your God-given purpose, including your identity (who God has made you to be) and your context (who/where God has called you to serve) and how it connects with God’s purposes for the world


A product, service, strategy or initiative that brings positive & effective change in your context


Turn your strategy or initiative into reality in a way that is scalable and sustainable


Who is this course for:

The Purpose Discovery course is for people who:

• Want to discover God’s purposes for the world and how their own purposes and calling fit with God’s purposes.

• Are at a transition point in life and looking for guidance about what to do in the next phase of life

• Want to develop greater meaning in what they do

• Want to learn to connect what they do with their faith


Let’s be clear – this process of aligning our lives with God’s purposes is not easy, but it is worthwhile. It invites us to embody the way of Jesus in a world where that way of life is sometimes pretty challenging.

Because it’s not easy, we’d like to invite you to be part of our Seed community. We’re a community of practise and a community of purpose. We’re people who are committed to wrestling and creating together. Our prayer is that God will use us to help catalyse a movement of Christians creating purposeful change in society – for God’s glory.

We encourage you to join us on this journey of discovering your purpose- you won't regret it!


Seed's Purpose Discovery work is supported by Reventure.