Purpose Workshop

All great organisations have a crystal-clear understanding of their ‘why’.

And great leaders have the ability to help their team members find their place in the organisation’s common purpose.

Our 1-day facilitated Purpose Workshop helps your leadership discover or redefine a common purpose. We use our specially designed Purpose Storyboard to explore the organisation’s story, helping you clarify the two core elements of purpose - Identity (who you are); and Context (who/where you are called to serve).

Your purpose provides a foundation point for decision-making and strategy.

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PS: We also offer our 1-day Purpose Course for staff, members or supporters of your organisation. The workshop helps your stakeholders to clarify personal purpose and how their personal purpose aligns with the organisation’s purpose. This course is ideal for managers to complete with their teams.


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  • I believe Seed will help drive a movement of creativity and innovation in the church. They help people embody their faith in the world in a way that creates real change while being deeply connected to God’s purposes and the biblical story.

    - George Savvides (CEO, Medibank Private)
  • Christians working across industry sectors now have a place where we can come together to understand God’s purposes for our lives and for the world, then get support to turn our understanding into action.

    - Ranjit Voola, Director, Poverty & Profitability Research Group, University of Sydney Business School
  • At the moment there isn’t a space in this country where Christian entrepreneurs and investors can get help to develop their ideas in a way that deeply connects with their faith. I’m excited to be part of helping Seed create such a space.

    - Tim Goh, Impact Investor
  • Seed has helped our church discover new possibilities for engaging with our wider community, and develop a strategy to start moving towards them.

    - Graeme Anderson, Lead Pastor, Northside Baptist Church

Clients + Partners

  • Alphacrucius College - Seed
  • Bible Society Australia - Seed
  • Reventure - Seed
  • TEAR Australia - Seed
  • Compassion - Seed
  • Australian Baptist Ministries - Seed
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries - Seed
  • Justice Conference - Seed