Our Approach - Redemptive Design

Seed is built on the foundational belief that all God’s people are called to be agents of redemptive change in the contexts where they live and work.

We define Redemptive Change as change that incorporates:

  • Growth in your faith – as you align your own life with God-given purpose
  • Impact in your context – as you identify brokenness and present an alternative solution that brings your context into greater alignment with what God intends
  • Witness to Jesus – as you introduce people to Jesus and help them experience the way of Jesus

We help Christians work out HOW they can bring redemptive change through a process called Redemptive Design. Redemptive Design is a process and set of tools that helps Christians create initiatives, products and services that show the world what Jesus is like. It helps individuals and organisations identify what in their context is contrary to what God intends, then create tangible alternatives that embody the way of Jesus and bring redemption and renewal in that context.

It is an alternative to other approaches to design that moves Christians:

  • beyond a narrow focus on personal salvation to participation in God’s purposes
  • beyond fear to humble confidence
  • beyond naming problems to finding solutions that grow out of the Christian story
  • beyond simply sharing their beliefs to embodying value in the contexts they serve
  • beyond ideas and dreams to implementation and real change

Our hope and prayer is that Redemptive Design will help restore a humble confidence in God’s people that we have something of infinite value to offer the world.

Redemptive Design (summarised below) draws deeply from other disciplines such as Human Centred Design, business modelling and Asset Based Community Development but reframes them into an approach that is deeply embedded in the Christian story.

We’d love to help you design innovative solutions and new possibilities in your context. Contact us to find out more.

See examples of our approach in these Seed Stories.


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