Our Approach

Seed is built around a simple idea:

On Purpose

God created the world and has a purpose for the world

God created you and has a purpose for your life

God has placed you into a context (a workplace, community or culture) and God has a purpose for that context

Your role is to discover God’s purposes and bring both yourself and your context into greater alignment with what God intended.

There is brokenness in every context, so that will always require change

And change best happens when we innovate – when we imagine a different possible future, then create things - products, services and strategies - that bring that new future to life!

The idea is outlined in the diagram below

Graphic of process

Our focus is beyond the walls of the church – in communities, workplaces, industries and cultures. We all see and experience things in these places that are not as God intends them to be. Rather than simply complaining or critiquing the problem, Seed invites people to imagine a different possible future that is more aligned with God’s intention and work towards making that future a reality.

Ours is a new and distinctive approach to design and innovation. We draw deeply from other disciplines such as Human Centred Design and Asset Based Community Development but reframe them into what we call Kingdom Centred Design

Three Steps to Change:

Our individual and organisational offerings span three key steps in the innovation process:


Discover God’s purposes for the world, and your place in those purposes. In this step we do a lot of work to help you clarify your identity (who you are called to be) and you context (who/where you are called to serve)


This starts with imagination. Once we’ve imagined a different possibility, we help you design and create something tangible (a product, service, strategy or business) that opens up the possibility for change and a new possible future.


Get the support you need to turn your ideas into reality. Includes access to space, access to services and access to finance.

See examples of our approach in these Seed Stories.

We’d love to help you create change in your context. Contact us to find out more.


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