Our Approach

We believe that God has a purpose for people and creation, and when we bring ourselves and our context into greater alignment with that purpose, we will experience flourishing because we are experiencing life as God intends it to be.

Seeking greater alignment always requires change. And change requires us to design and create alternate possibilities.

So Seed has developed a distinctive approach to design/innovation that grows people and ideas that show the world what Jesus is like.

And we’re also building the ecosystem to support our design framework – providing access to the people, finances, and services needed to grow ideas.

Design Framework:

Our design framework (summarised below) draws deeply from other disciplines such as Human Centred Design and Asset Based Community Development but reframes them into an approach that is deeply embedded in the Christian story. The framework covers all aspects of the design process from discovery through to delivery.


A key distinctive of our approach is that we achieve outcomes in three key areas through the one integrated approach:

1. Formation – Strengthening of your Christian identity and capacity for effective innovation

2. Impact – Delivery of tangible and measurable social outcomes

3. Witness – Delivering a taste & see experience to your stakeholders of what life with Jesus is like

We’d love to help you design innovative solutions and new possibilities in your context. Contact us to find out more.

See examples of our approach in these Seed Stories.


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Clients + Partners

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  • Bible Society Australia - Seed
  • Reventure - Seed
  • TEAR Australia - Seed
  • Compassion - Seed
  • Australian Baptist Ministries - Seed
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries - Seed
  • Justice Conference - Seed