Design & Innovation for Faith-Based Organisations

Many faith-based organisations are struggling with mission-drift as they seek to engage effectively and bring positive change in society. They are seeking innovative approaches to increase their impact, but without losing touch with their God-given mission and purpose.

We believe Christians should be at the forefront of positive change in society. We have developed our Redemptive Design process and toolkit to help you create innovative services, products, strategies and business units that show the world what Jesus is like.

Through consulting, facilitating and training we develop your capacity to use Redemptive Design as a tool to foster innovation and creative problem-solving within your organisation, and to strengthen your Christian identity and mission.

Our highly skilled team of consultants, facilitators and coaches draws together capabilities from the fields of innovation, theology, design, business, and social change.

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  • BaptistCare NSW
  • The Salvation Army
  • Alphacrucius College - Seed
  • Bible Society Australia - Seed
  • Reventure - Seed
  • TEAR Australia - Seed
  • Compassion - Seed
  • Australian Baptist Ministries - Seed
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries - Seed
  • Justice Conference - Seed