Want to make a difference in your corner of the world?

We’re on the lookout for followers of Jesus who want to change the world – in small or large ways. We’re a community of changemakers who believe that when we align our lives with God’s purposes, real change in our workplace, community or culture is possible.

Our offerings for individuals span 3 key steps in the process of creating change – Discover; Design; Grow

We’d love you to join us. 


Our Offerings

Purpose Discovery Course

Are you at a transition point in life and trying to discern next steps? Do you want to take concrete steps to develop more meaning and purpose in what you do?

This online course can be done at your own pace. It will help you clarify your God-given purpose and discover how you can be an agent for positive change in your community or workplace.

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Do you long to see change in your community or workplace but not sure how to go about it? Do you want to hear inspiring stories and insights from Christians who are making a difference and connect with like-minded people?

Our events and community gatherings are for you. They happen regularly throughout the year in Sydney and Melbourne and are designed to give you the tools and frameworks you need to become a changemaker in your own context.

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Seed Incubator

An innovative 5-month program focused on growing and supporting people who love Jesus and who have an Idea to bring to life, a Problem they want to solve or a Business they want to grow.

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Clients + Partners

  • BaptistCare NSW
  • The Salvation Army
  • Alphacrucius College - Seed
  • Bible Society Australia - Seed
  • Reventure - Seed
  • TEAR Australia - Seed
  • Compassion - Seed
  • Australian Baptist Ministries - Seed
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries - Seed
  • Justice Conference - Seed