Design Lab

Seed’s Design Lab delivers an effective and efficient process for the initial development and testing of new ideas in your organisation.

Our distinctive approach to design and innovation draws deeply from other disciplines such as Human Centred Design, Business Modelling and Asset Based Community Development, but reframes them into a tailored set of offerings for the faith-based sector.

The Design Lab is ideally run regularly (e.g. annually/bi-annually) and forms an essential part of your organisation’s innovation process. It allows you to encourage new ideas to be birthed amongst your staff or community, because you are confident that they will be challenged, tested and refined.


  • 8 face-to-face modules with coaching in-between
  • Each module is 2-3 hours
  • The structure of the modules is flexible. They can be run as weekly or fortnightly sessions. Or for teams that need to travel, they can be joined together into 2 or 3 longer sessions. Ideally the sessions are spread over at least an 8-week period to allow for testing and development in-between modules.



NB: For this set price you can design/test up to 6 ideas at one time.


Session 1

Introduction & Clarifying Purpose


Identity & Purpose (who are we?)

Session 2

Context (where are we?)


Scoping (what is the change we are called to create?)


Imagining (what is God’s desire for those we serve?)

Session 3

Kingdom Centred Design - Part 1


Understanding your beneficiaries (empathy and immersion)

Session 4

Kingdom Centred Design - Part 2




MVP/Prototype design & testing plan

Session 5

Business Model – Part 1


Channels, Activities, Resources


Prototype version 2 & testing plan

Session 6

Business Model – Part 2


Financial Model


Prototype version 3 & testing plan

Session 7

Your Community of Purpose - Partner Mapping


Measurement & Building an Evidence Base



Session 8



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