Cultivating a Creative Mindset

We recently provided our top tips on cultivating a creative mindset. We received such a great response to the series that we have decided to compile them into one handy blog!

Tip One: Roll The Dice.

Ever felt stuck in a moment, undecided about whether or not you should go the Sushi or the sandwich? Take a left or turn right? Say Yes or No? Then roll the dice. An even number means 'Yes', odd means 'No' and off you go!

Tip Two: Choose a Different Colour.

Believe it or not but colour can actually help us change our mood and help us learn! Orange: will lift you mood. Green: will help you concentrate. Blue: will help you be productive. So instead of reaching for your typical black pen, break out into some colour and see how it stimulates your creativity Bonus Tip: maybe don't choose yellow - as happy as this colour will make you, you might not be able to read your notes!

Tip Three: Dump the Desk.

Feeling stuck on that work task? Feel like your head is swimming? Get up and dump the desk for 10 minutes. Studies have shown that if you go outside and walk around for at least 10 minutes (30 is preferable) you will be able to see things from a new perspective as you gain perspective looking off into the distance. So du,p the desk and ignite that creative mind!

Tip Four: Mix. It. Up.

In an age where we're connected like never before and everything is focussed around streamlining and automation, we generally have no excuse not to mix things up and try working from the local cafe or a co-working space, even if it's just for a day. The change will stimulate your creativity, let alone connect you with people you otherwise would never have met.

Tip Five: ESCAPE!

Know when it's time to hit the eject button and get out of the office for that much-deserved break! You'll find your creativity and perspective soar to new heights as you soar through the clouds, far away from that desk and pesky work calendar.

Tip Six: DON'T sleep it off, embrace it!

Believe it or not, but being a little on the tired side actually enhances your creativity as it allows your mind to wander down the glorious lanes of tangents. You may just turn a corner to find that spark of inspiration you've been searching for!

Tip Seven: Learn something new.

Believe it or not, we don't know everything. Even in the areas we would consider ourselves an expert! Seeking to learn something new about a different industry or hobby or concept can stimulate our creativity as we bring that new piece of knowledge into our context. So the next time something a little outside of your context presents itself, jump into it, you just might surprise yourself with how little you know! ;)

Tip Eight: Collaborate.

By getting around other people and discussing a concept or roadblock you gain access to the millions of thought bubbles locked away in their creativity! So next time you're a little stuck or can't find the answer, reach out and collaborate!

Tip Nine: Write them down.

Quite often we have these "ah-ha" moments or a spark of creativity but we are in the most inconvenient location! Keep a little pocket book on you at all times so that when those moments of creativity hit you are equipped to capture it and then circle back to it to give it the proper time and space it needs to grow into a roaring fire.

Tip Ten: HAVE FUN!

If you're not enjoying what you're creating then it's not worth doing. Focus on the fun and you'll find you won't be short of creativity!

We hope you've enjoyed our series on cultivating a creative mindset! Now, go create!

Neridah Morris is the Comms & Marketing Manager at Seed, the Director of Ecommerce & Marketing at Thread Harvest, an ethical online fashion marketplace, and an alumnus of the Seed Entrepreneur Incubator Program. 

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