In a culture consumed by consumption,
CONSUMED is a space for Christians to connect and create solutions
that help align our consumption choices with God’s story.

We think this is an issue that lies at the heart of so many of the problems that our world faces. It’s entrenching poverty and inequality, facilitating the destruction of our environment and allowing child labour and slavery to proliferate. And we believe it’s impacting you too. It’s affecting your personal wellbeing and damaging your relationship with God and with those around you.

It’s Consumerism.

We have been sold a lie that our purpose and happiness is found in our material success and the ever-increasing acquisition of stuff and experiences. It’s so ingrained in our culture that we can often be completely unaware of how deep its impacts are.
It’s time for Christians to pursue a different vision of the good life -  one that situates our purpose and meaning in the love of God and neighbour, and our role as faithful stewards of God’s good Creation.

Which is why we want you to join us in CONSUMED, a space for Christians to connect and align our consumption choices with God’s story.

Seed is the facilitator of this campaign and we’ve committed to helping create Consumed because we want to help provide a platform for all Christians in Australia to gather for mutual learning and action around consumerism.

Over the coming months we're going to work together to clarify the problem of consumerism in people’s lives, amplify the solutions that are already available, and create new pathways to address this issue.

Our first action is to thank a company who are helping us consume in ways that are good for us, good for others and good for the planet.

Check out our campaign page, read their story, and join us in thanking Outland Denim, an amazing Australian based ethical denim brand creating lasting change in the fashion industry. Saying thank you encourages them to keep going, and it also helps amplify their work and support them in their efforts to disrupt their industries.

We encourage you to take a look at the CONSUMED website and join the conversation either on Social or via the mailing.

Clients + Partners

  • BaptistCare NSW
  • The Salvation Army
  • Alphacrucius College - Seed
  • Bible Society Australia - Seed
  • Reventure - Seed
  • TEAR Australia - Seed
  • Compassion - Seed
  • Australian Baptist Ministries - Seed
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries - Seed
  • Justice Conference - Seed