Ideas don’t change the world; Ideas that turn into something change the world. 

Ultimately Seed is about creating real change. Most significant change is done in collaboration with others, so we are building a community that will support many of the strategies, products and services designed through our training courses and programs to become reality.  We sometimes refer to this as our ecosystem - an environment that gives new ideas the greatest chance of success.

We would love you to join us

Seed can support you to implement your strategy in the following key areas: 

Co-working space (Sydney)

We are currently exploring the possibility of developing a co-working space for Christian individuals and organisations who are seeking to effectively create social or cultural change. We believe that such a collaborative environment has the potential to spark the imagination, and drive the innovation needed to bring Christians to the forefront of creating positive social impact.

For more information or to register your interest please email John Beckett


We have an amazing team of gifted and experienced people who serve as coaches in Seed’s courses/incubators and to our partner initiatives.

Our People


Seed acts as a broker to introduce people with ideas and initiatives to potential donors and investors. 

We serve Christian philanthropists and investors by providing them with access to a consistent supply of investable initiatives that have been through a rigorous process of both:

  1. Developing alignment between the initiative’s purpose and God’s kingdom purpose
  2. Developing a strategy for effective change and a model for investment/market readiness

 If you are a philanthropist/investor who is interested in becoming part of Seed’s investor community, please contact John Beckett

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