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Each year Seed Programs facilitate focused Changemaker Communities for Entrepreneurs and Emerging Marketplace Leaders.

Through participation in these communities you will:

Grow deep in the way of Jesus
Learn how to live out your faith and imagine new possibilities for your context
Get the support you need to become a redemptive influence where you are.

Our current Changemaker Communities available to join in 2023 –

Changemaker Community for


Changemaker Community for





Personal Formation & Leadership Development
We’ll help you grow deep in the way of Jesus, while navigating the particular challenges and opportunities you face as you live it out in your context.
Redemptive Design process for your context
Join with mentors and peers to imagine new possibilities for flourishing for your industry or workplace and design a way to bring them to life.
Coaching & Mentoring
Get support and investment from an amazing group of mentors and coaches – Marketplace Leaders who have walked the road before you. Check out our Mentors via the button below.
Peer Network
Connect with others who are seeking to faithfully follow Jesus in the Marketplace. Wrestle together, pray together, imagine together.
Our Mentors

Stories from Changemakers

Susy shares how finding the right community helped bring her idea to life.

Susy Lee went through our 2019 Incubator Program and has seen the idea she brought to the program come to life. Listen as she shares her experience with the Seed Incubator Program and how it helped her realise who God created her to be.

Matt Johnson shares his experience of the Marketplace Leaders Program.

Matt Johnson, Finance Manager, shares his experience of the Seed Marketplace Leaders Program and how it impacted his understanding of his role at work.

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