Our Approach to change

The diagram below represents Seed’s framework for change. Any effective initiative for change will involve a consistent application of these four steps, ideally iterated multiple times over the development and life of any change strategy.


 We help our customers and clients:

  • Discover God’s purposes for the world, and get clarity about how their own purpose aligns with God’s purpose
  • Imagine a new future that is more aligned with God’s purposes 
  • Design a strategy for change that aligns with God’s purposes and leads toward the new future
  • Then we help incubate/support those who need it to create, and turn their strategy into reality

The framework and associated tools have been developed in consultation with some of the best public engagement thinkers and practitioners in the Australian church. 

Seed’s team can help you apply the model to create change that makes a real difference while remaining deeply connected to God’s purposes and the biblical story. 

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