August 11, 2022
Meet Our 2020 Incubator Cohort
By Neri Morris
Our 2020 Cohort  //  This year we have been blessed with our biggest cohort yet! This is the crew at their first Intensive.


We have a total of 16 people making up a total of 13 initiatives. Check out who’s who below:



Reverence Films uses the power of story to challenge and change the world. They service NFP’s, Businesses and Agencies and have built a narrative portfolio of feature films, web series, TV series, sermon series trailers and teaching tools for churches.

Their goal is to develop a strong business model to carry forward their work into new markets and expand the impact of their production company.


Changing the “norm” in the construction industry around business ethics and the purpose of business. To encourage and role model excellence in how we treat our clients.  That their experience of us on site will to be different from other companies (eg., work ethic, language, staff treatment).  To make known why we run our business (mission) and to see that our goals of making money can be used for growing the Kingdom.


An initiative that seeks to provide pathways for people to develop and skills and capabilities that are being used for God’s Kingdom.


Politics done differently. A party with humble Christian foundations whose members get equipped to serve & make a difference in the areas they’re passionate about. We aim to cross social & cultural divides to build trust & consensus.
What we learn in the process feeds back into our policies, transforming us, the political debate, & ultimately our communities & country.


“Tov” is a Hebrew word we normally translate to “good”, but it also means “beautiful and functioning how the creator intended”. It sums up my business pretty well, I want to create good furniture, for it to be good it needs to be beautiful and functional. I love that it doesn’t include “perfect” in that definition. I love embracing the imperfections in my work, I think it adds character and shows that the piece was made with real human hands.



A space outside of large supermarkets where people can leave food items as they finish their shopping and those who do not have enough food can take freely from the pantry.

This idea addresses a huge need in Australia for struggling families and individuals. It’s a form of modern-day gleaning, leaving enough “around the edges” for people who don’t have enough to glean from.


Wings exists to give NGO’s a way to operate a sustainable, social impact business without having to risk resources to test ideas. The model is based on 3 principles:

1. People – providing local employment

2. Planet – a reusable and eco-friendly design to minimise sanitary waste.

3. Profit – a business model that is sustainable and profitable, with an aim for the organisation running the micro-factory to reinvest the profit back into the communities they work with.


A Cafe designed to provide meaningful employment for those struggling to find jobs and support the community through prayer.

With a focus on sustainability, the cafe space will be available to any community member, regardless of religious affiliation.

This business will aim to be a prayerful place with a calm and loving environment and will be a place where great testimony will flourish.


Dream Free by Be Hers is a sustainable and ethical sleepwear range that gives the opportunity for women who have been rescued or at risk of sexual exploitation the chance to dream again.


I currently run the Leadership development program for Churches of Christ in QLD.  This program provides courses and content to 60 of our staff managers each year.

There is however a large gap in how we assist local churches to develop the leadership capacity of local lay leaders.  Many are unable to attend face to face training, so there is need to figure out how to deliver this content in a way that is accessible, engaging and effective.


Grace Dance Company is an emerging not-for-profit organisation that creates art within the context of faith, community development and social justice. We have a strong dance for health sector and are currently producing our debut work for 2020 entitled Sincerely Survivor – a touring performing and visual art work which provides a space to explore the experience of mental illness, and advocate for improved mental health and awareness.


A resource that speaks to a need in families both within and outside the church to help parents raise kids who care for the sake of a skeptical and hurting world that sometimes seems powerless against the power of corporate greed. I hope to sow into churches and equip them to reach their local communities with good news for families from Jesus’ teachings, as a way of showing His relevance and healing.


Healing Habitats is a ministry/service to the Pacific that seeks to engage with families with disabilities. We work with and focus on the needs of individuals with disabilities. We work with family and community to implement practical home and life style equipment, aids and therapy.  We seek the kingdom on earth as a habitat of relationships that incarnate Gods healing.



Neri Morris

Neri Morris is the Comms & Marketing Manager for Seed and a Seed Incubator Alumni. She is the Creative Director for Thread Harvest, an ethical online fashion marketplace. Neri is a Christian author and speaker and can most often be found dipping her toes in the salty waters of Sydney's Northern Beaches with a coffee in hand. View her latest work at

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