Co-founder, Seed Melbourne 

Tim is a passionate thinker and an innovative entrepreneur who works tirelessly at integrating his theology with life and work. 
He brings particular expertise to the task of helping others imagine the ways that theology and faith intersect with their own lives and vocation. He brings a diverse range of experiences - as a doctor, a startup entrepreneur, an investor - to this ask. He also has extensive experience and expertise in the area of business model development. 

Tim was previously the visionary behind the Life Expedition, an alternative Christian community that has been at the forefront of international student care for the past 18 years. Arrow on Swanston, a 700 room hotel and student accommodation centre, is one of their projects that was recently featured by the Australian Human Rights Commission as a best practice model of Australian Business, protecting and promoting human rights of International students in Melbourne. 

Alongside his work with Seed, and his ongoing roles as co-founder of both Life Expedition and Arrow on Swanston, Tim is also a Fellow at Asia-Pacific Social Impact Centre, Melbourne Business School and co-founder of The Difference Incubator, Singapore.
In his spare time, Tim works as a private Orthopaedic Assistant Surgeon and is an avid theology student, runner, rock climber and musician

Tim is married to Cheryl, a speech pathologist who works in early intervention and support of children with disabilities. They, with their daughter, Scarlette, live in the western suburbs of Melbourne.